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When Do You Worm A Baby Horse

Apr 04, 2020Age of the Horse Matters When Worming. Foals need to be dewormed initially at 1 – 2 months of age. After that, you’ll want to continue worming this foal every 30 – 60 days until.

  • Mar 15, 2010All it takes is one face-to-face meeting with a squirmy white roundworm, the type of parasite most common in horses under two years of age, and you’ll never again complain.

  • A FWEC is a faecal sample which is sent to a laboratory to identify the content of worm eggs in the horse’s droppings, this gives a fairly accurate picture of the horses current worm burden..

  • Can you worm a horse twice? Deworming every couple of months, or rotating dewormers each time, or every other year, do not control internal parasites effectively . Such strategies waste.

When Do You Worm A Baby Horse

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